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Each paragraph should include three bullet points, with the first bullet stating the point the author is making.The essay plan should follow this structure to keep the essay simple and easy to follow.

When placed together, this should be managed in one paragraph.

This format should be repeated throughout the main body of the text, for each point the author wishes to make.

It helps you ensure that all of your arguments are clearly and consistently argued, and that you have sufficient evidence to support them.

It also reduces the risk of omitting some really important section or argument that is central to the issues raised by the essay.

Sticking to a structure will portray to the reader the author is able to write coherently, and present information well.

At this point in the essay plan, effort should be made to ensure that each paragraph links smoothly to the next, creating an even flow in the information the author is presenting.

By rehearsing your arguments in detail you will avoid the problem of trying to do the two most difficult things in writing at the same time: pinning down your ideas clearly, and then summoning up the words and phrases that will convey them accurately.

Spend the first five to ten minutes writing down your plan before you begin to write the essay.

Without an essay plan, an essay will appear to wander aimlessly, from point to point, without clarity and logic, and not giving the author chance to properly display their knowledge.

An essay plan provides the essay with a firm structure, which in turn will make the essay clear and coherent, making the best of the information the author has gathered.


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