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Therefore, anyone accessing the stolen laptop was able to view this information thus publicly exposing the clinical details of the concerned individuals.According to the ethical principle on privacy, individual identifiable health information should be protected from unauthorized persons.

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One such policy would be to ensure that e PHI is ciphered in a way that is only understood by authorized health professionals, whose main aim is to promote justice and beneficence of the patients and research subjects.

The final management responsibility with reference the case in question is the adoption and implementation of policies and procedures that govern security to ensure timely response.

According to the HIPAA security law, the administration is meant to conduct risk analysis in the security management process. The security management process entails various steps and one step may affect subsequent steps.

Risk analysis is related to disaster preparedness and mitigation hence the need to evaluate the possibility of putting e PHI at risk (U. Due to the failure of performing a thorough risk analysis, MEEI was not able to implement effective security measures aimed at protecting its e PHI contained in portable devices.

The solution of paying a fine of $1.5M came about after the office for Civil Rights (OCR) under the department of health and human services gave its stand on the whole issue after evaluating the report submitted by MEEEI about the theft.

According to the OCR, MEEI did not comply with the ethical principle that advocates for protection of individuals’ privacy and respect for individuals’ dignity.

Ethical values have been formulated to ensure that the patients’ interests are given consideration to avoid harming these patients in one way or another.

When patient’s information is disclosed to an unauthorized third party, then the law comes in and legal action is taken against an offender.

Violating laws meant to ensure that patients’ information is not disclosed to the wider public is a very serious matter.

This is because patients’ health information is very delicate and should be handled with utmost discretion.


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