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He sets again to a plot of wanting to set on fire the barn of de Spain.

There is some kind of commotion between Abner and de Spain.

Loyalty to Family in Barn Burning by William Faulkner The short story "Barn Burning" by William Faulkner is a stark look at the struggle of a boy to try to do what is right, or do what is best for his family during the post Civil War era.

The main character, Sartoris Snopes is a poor son of a migrant tenant farmer who, in the opening scene is being questioned about the burning of a farmers barn by his father, Abner Snopes.

The father is a soldier from the Civil War and has a knack for burning down the barns of those This theme is carried further when the boy thinks, "our enemy, Ourn! In the scenes following the courthouse, as the boy and his father talk about the incident, Abner states, "You got to learn to stick to your own blood or you ain? The father says this almost as if he were trying to convince the boy rather than explain it to him. This shows that the boy has some respect for his "blood", and that even though he is against his fathers decisions, he still supports them because he is family.

Even though he resents his father for all of the things that he does to people, he still sticks up for him. Faulkner illustrates the theme of blood when the boy infers that his blood again will be the cause of his problems.

The barn was with the animals, but fortunately the owner of these barns was able to save the animals.

He further goes to an extent of damaging the rag of one of the people called de Spain.

In the scene when Abner is confronted about the rug he has just soiled, his son tries to redeem him by saying, "You done the best you could! The boy is again is tried by his fathers actions, and he hopes that his father will quit his ways.

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