Ethical Dilemmas In Business Case Studies

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Finally, we make a set of recommendations directed at strengthening the legal and business regulatory process in Bangladesh with the aim of improving the standard of ethical conduct in business and, hence, its international reputation. Literature review We commence with an outline of the term “business ethics” and then examine various perspectives on ethical behavior in business.

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A low level of ethics in the business sector is a part of wider socio-economic and political problems faced by many countries: often loopholes in legal and business regulation contribute to the corruption that can plague business operations.

Transparency International Bangladesh, which has been campaigning against corruption since 1996, estimates that the country loses about $1.5 billion which is about 2% of its gross domestic product (GDP) to corruption every year.

Nov 4, 2004 - This case also: (1) exemplifies the complexity often found in fraud cases, and (2) illustrates how .... 4 Problems and Perspectives in Management, Volume 8, Issue 4, 2010 Victoria Wise (Australia), Muhammad Mahboob Ali (Bangladesh), Trevor D.

two IBC checks payable to Lisa Morrison for $61.00 (dated October 5, 1989) and $478.29 (dated. Wise (Australia) Ethical conduct in business: a case study analysis using Bangladesh experiences Abstract It is argued that the process of business, domestically and internationally, should be guided by appropriate norms of ethical conduct.

relationship between the personal values of employees and those of the organisation. Education for Integrity: Ethically Educating Tomorrow's Business Leaders (pp.

University of Florida's (UF) Division of Continuing Education (DOCE) who ...Ahmed (2009) describes this as a moral hazard that arises when agents (managers) are tempted to act in their own self-interest and not those of the principal (usually equity and debt investors).However, investors are no longer regarded as the only stakeholders in business organizations and managers must be cognizant of the, sometimes conflicting, interests of other parties such as government, employees, and various other social groups that may be affected by business operations and activities. 184 As the globalization process takes hold and the world begins to resemble a global village, so business ethics has become an international issue.In fact, Millennium Challenge Corporation, which provides assistance for poor countries, has excluded Bangladesh from the list of beneficiaries for the past two years, citing corruption as the reason.Some studies have been conducted that rank nations and organizations according to their ethical conduct and stance. Information technology is considered as the key driver for the changes taking place ...The new world of electronic banking is changing day by day. original signatures and telephone confirmations (Thulani et al, 2009; Henry, 2000).Our concern is that the business practices, observed in Bangladesh, indicate a general need for strengthening of business regulation and more stringent monitoring and control if the country is to meet international norms for ethical business conduct.We commence with a review of the literature to outline relevant perspectives on business ethics.This is followed by an outline of the research method used.Then a selection of illustrative case studies is presented and discussed.


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