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Once I went to the store with my mom and there were two people of a different ethnicity than us in front of us at the checkout stand.

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‘Mira, please tell him we no the same,’ said Diego Torres.

(32)” By Fabrizi not being able to understand the differences between a Puerto Rican and a Dominican, Mohr sees that the interaction between an immigrant and a citizen of the United States is important when constructing ethnicity.

I feel it is necessary and that it is nice to be able to know how many different ethnicities have come together.

The census is an opportunity to share our ethnicities, which make us who we are.

Being a child of Mexican parents, I am considered Hispanic and proud of it.

I was born in the United States and have always lived here. Whenever I take a test such as the PSAT and it asks me to bubble in ethnic background I get confused.

What makes America beautiful is its multiethnic people.

I don’t agree with the government keeping track of what race we are because some people use the data as a weapon and as a way to stereotype.


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