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When writing your final draft, remember to acknowledge the help of anyone who supported your project, with science advice, financial help or even moral support.Be sure to cite all scientific sources from which you drew information in your references section, when you write your final draft. Her biomedical engineering research, "Biocompatible and p H sensitive PLGA encapsulated Mn O nanocrystals for molecular and cellular MRI," was accepted in 2010 for publication in the journal "Nanoletters." Lobo earned her Bachelor of Science in biomedical engineering, with distinction, from Yale in 2010.Write a paragraph introducing your experimental question, or what you sought to prove or learn by carrying out this project.

There are also a variety of reference materials, such as encyclopedias, available at the library.

A relatively new reference resource has become available with the power of technology – the Internet.

Describe past experiments that are relevant to the project, as well as the holes in current research and the subsequent need to carry out your project. If your experimental question concerns whether peppered moths exposed to soot over a period of months will turn black, in your hypothesis, you should tell your audience whether you think they will turn black.

Write a paragraph summarizing the materials you used.

A science dictionary or science encyclopedia can help you find more in-depth and relevant information for your science report.

If your topic is very technical or specific, reference materials such as medical dictionaries and chemistry encyclopedias may also be good resources to use.

Lab reports often follow a very standard format starting with an abstract and introduction, followed by a materials and methods section, then results and discussion, and finally a conclusion.

This format will allow the reader to find answers to common questions that are often asked: Why was the experiment performed?

A site can also be dangerous or inappropriate for students to use.

You may find that certain science concepts and science terminology are not easy to find in regular dictionaries and encyclopedias.


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