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En este sentido, resulta lógico que se necesitase un verdadero llamador para la puerta y como reza el viejo adagio: «hijo de tigre, pintito» (aunque en este caso, sería de león) se colocó una aldaba más pequeña en la puerta de menores dimensiones del gran portal.

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The dissertation studies and clarifies the process of pueblo foundation.

It also explains the institutions that were inseparable from the pueblo—the Church, tribute, labor and personal services—and examines the kinds of interactions that arose within these institutions.

However, it is often overlooked that its history is more likely to deify historical icons,...

more Philippine history is viewed as a mosaic of various cultural backgrounds and diverse events which account for its perceived complexity and beauty.

more This dissertation examines the interplay of conflict, negotiation and collaboration among the natives of Laguna and the Spanish authorities in the formation of colonial spaces: the pueblos.

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As the pueblos were founded in the late 16th and 17th centuries, and their corollary institutions established, the people of Laguna, the friar missionaries and the Spanish government became enmeshed in a web of interactions contextualized in these spaces.Finally, it elucidates the roles of the principalia of Laguna in these interactions.In every other three years, the Philippines is teeming with campaign jingles blasting through the speakers mounted on rented vehicles.En este sentido, se entiende el recubrimiento con hojas de bronce sobre la madera -con el fin de acorazarla-, los tachones que la protegen contra un impacto directo y que también sirven como elementos decorativos, a los que se unen dos grandes aldabones que figuran unos rostros de “leones” de estilo “oriental” que se encuentran suspendidos a más de 4 metros de altura.Estos felinos fantásticos, también de bronce, han sido guardianes y silenciosos testigos del devenir histórico del museo y de la antropología mexicana, ya que su función de aldabas en realidad es nula por su gran tamaño y ubicación.Media platforms also run advertisements from time to time showing how these politicians know the suffering of the people and how they would improve on the status quo.These campaign strategies could be attributed to the Filipino people’s emotion-based reception and cognition.In an extremely emotionally driven country, it is important for its citizens to critically examine campaign strategies employed by elite Filipino politicians in order to avoid being tricked into voting based on the projections that they see.Philippine history is viewed as a mosaic of various cultural backgrounds and diverse events which account for its perceived complexity and beauty.1-39); [2] Angels and Dragons in the Manila Chinese Cemetery nina Donna Mae N. It will also enrich the current studies about the polymath who spent most of his time giving service to the Philippine nation.To achieve such goals, this paper contains five substantive sections: 1) an intellectual biography of de los Reyes as a writer and journalist; 2) contents of de los Reyes' articles in La Solidaridad; 3) some themes and discourses of de los Reyes' articles in La Solidaridad; and the 4) critical conclusion on his thoughts and contribution in the said periodical.


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