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The following two examples have been annotated with academic comments.

The following two examples have been annotated with academic comments.

(Mark 68) An Investigative Study into the Effects of Price and Non-Price Oriented TV Advertising on Generation Z Consumers’ Purchase Intentions.

(Mark 66) These final year projects achieved a mark of a high first: Electric Cars: Investigation into consumer attitudes in the UK car industry Exploring Social Perceptions of Women Leaders at Work: How does the Double Bind of Appearance and Personality Impact Women’s Opportunities to make it to the Top?

The design of a FMCW microwave radar range detector Fabrication and measurement of two dimensional electron gas and one dimensional electron gas samples Guide to using the sample dissertations The Potential Effects of Reduced Street Lighting on Crime: an Empirical Study of the ' Selective Part-Night Street Lighting' Scheme in Leeds To what extent is terrorism a social construct?

Radicalisation and Universities: A Critical Analysis of the Effectiveness and Consequences of Prevent Duty Evaluating the range of agencies involved in the investigation and prosecution of corporate fraud in the UK: is there an alternative to criminal justice?

Some of the examples below are only available to access on campus.

These dissertations achieved a mark of 80 or higher: An investigation into the relationship between early exposure and brand loyalty The relationship between sustained and divided attentional abilities and Autistic Spectrum Disorder traits Experiences of parents of people with anorexia nervosa: an interpretative phenomenological analysis Autonomous motivation: the key to employee performance and workplace success?What influences effective intervention in parenting support? Electrochemical characterisation of gallium alloys for use as a phospholipid monolayer support Image processing and analysis of porous materials The mechanism of formation of porous calcite composite crystals through thermal decompositio Rec A-based patterning of DNA scaffolds These are good quality reports but they are not perfect.You may be able to identify areas for improvement (for example, structure, content, clarity, standard of written English, referencing or presentation quality).Intellectual property rights serve as a link to China’s current international trade.The Chinese government is aiming to further advance its economic reforms, in spite of many significant structural, social and formal obstacles in the way. M, defended her doctoral dissertation in a public examination on 23 March 2018 at 12.00 at the Faculty of Law of the University of Helsinki on the following topic: "China's Intellectual Property System in the Process of Catch-up - with Patent in Focus".Please read about the annotations (PDF) to help you make the most of the two examples.To what extent should Costa Rica's tourism strategy be imitated by Nicaragua?Conceptualizing transformation as the changes in tourists’ existential authenticity and anxiety, the first study intended to investigate the effects of tourism experiences on these existential outcomes.Positive effects were found, and perceived meaningfulness was identified as the major influencing factor.The public examination was held at Porthania, auditorium PIII, Yliopistonkatu 3.Listed below are some of the best examples of research projects and dissertations from undergraduate and taught postgraduate students at the University of Leeds We have not been able to gather examples from all schools.


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