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It sets aside the ideas that most members of a group or nation share “a culture” or that a group’s culture is more or less coherent or internally consistent.

It sets aside the ideas that most members of a group or nation share “a culture” or that a group’s culture is more or less coherent or internally consistent.

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The last generation of scholarship on the povertyculture relationship was primarily identified, for better or worse, with the “culture of poverty” model of Oscar Lewis (1) and the report on the Negro Family by Daniel Patrick Moynihan (2).

These concepts are employed in the volume’s essays to illustrate the value of understanding the cultural perspectives of both individuals living in poverty and the policy elites who make poverty policy.

Persistent black joblessness has long been a core cause of poverty.

Lewis argued that sustained poverty generated a set of cultural attitudes, beliefs, values, and practices, and that this culture of poverty would tend to perpetuate itself over time, even if the economic conditions that originally gave rise to it were to change.

Scholars in the 1970s were accused of “blaming the victims” for their problems because they seemed to imply that people might cease to be poor if they simply changed their culture.Drawing on interviews with poor mothers and fathers, she identifies non-economic factors that parents find important in the father’s role: caregiving, spending time, role modeling, and material support.Financial support, though important, did not overshadow noneconomic factors, and parents often view informal financial support as signaling a greater commitment from fathers than coerced formal child support payments.Lowincome young people, he finds, have lower ideals for higher education attainment than non-poor respondents and also have lower expectations for what they will actually attain.Stressing the importance of this connection, he concludes that scholars need to integrate values into their research and to work to understand the social and cultural sources of differences in values and motivations.How young unemployed African-American understand what makes for a good job is the focus of Alford A. Young concludes that young men exhibited diverse perspectives in framing the attributes of an ideal job.Some focused on wages and benefits, while others focused on features of the work itself, such as autonomy and creativity. The volume can be accessed in its entirety from the Russell Sage Foundation by clicking here. Harding, Michèle Lamont, and Mario Luis Small, eds.Education is a proven pathway out of poverty, but why do some children achieve this goal while others do not?Stephen Vaisey investigates the role of “ideals” and “expectations” in educational success.


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