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Same with anything that takes good-natured digs to keep America’s Pastime as part of the pop culture conversation.

For example:— “Inside the Empire: The True Power Behind the New York Yankees,” by Bob Klapisch and Paul Solotaroff (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $28, 256 pages, released March 26).

The current TBS analyst says the way today’s game goes, he can “envision a scenario where we’ll see a manager with absolutely no playing experience. Hey, in this era of driverless cars, Google might even come up with a model for a manger-less team!

” It’s a darling premise you read here first.— “The Game of Eating Smart: Nourishing Recipes for Peak Performance Inspired by MLB Superstars,” by Julie Loria with chef Allen Campbell (Rodale Books, $25.99, 240 pages, released March 26)Clayton Kershaw’s recipe for success: Blue cinnamon smoothies with unsweetened almond milk, breakfast bowls with white quinoa and hemp hearts and a salmon nori roll held together with creamy avocado.

For the upcoming Final Four, watch the “Magic Johnson Cam” come into play.— Is Tony Romo worth eight figures a year to stay in CBS’ NFL top broadcast game booth? He makes $4 million a year currently, which is about half of what Troy Aikman reportedly gets from Fox in the same position.

Tune it out— After a couple years of experimentation leading to consumer angst over exclusivity and technical glitches, Major League Baseball and Facebook will drastically reduce their 2019 rights deal to have only six national live streams — one a month — and they are subject to be blacked out in local markets.Should a double amputee be allowed to race against the world's best able- bodied athletes, or could his disability offer him an unfair advantage?How world-class sprinter Caster Semenya puts the idea of binary genders into question.Baseball Card Vandals.com, so a book spinoff is kind of natural. All but the last remain legal tender as Kepner, the pitch-perfect New York Times writer, goes deep with those who made a living perfecting them.They didn’t throw away their old common cards as kids, but instead experimented on them through the fumes of the fumes of Sharpies, Wite-Out and glue sticks with name and word play. A must read for broadcasters who lazily resort to just saying “fastball” or “off-speed” because they have no clue.Baseball’s annual rite of literary passage each spring is never shy of more rewrites.To get a clear read on why book publishers put on their straw hat and usher back Major League Baseball with dozens of new titles, note that all sorts of revisionist history, personality-driven essays or bios that exhume new previously untold info resonate best with those who’ve endured a long, cold winter. Since 1962, he has written more than a hundred Sporting Scene pieces, mostly on baseball but also on tennis, hockey, football, rowing, and horse racing.In addition, he has written film reviews, stories, casuals, Notes and Comment pieces, and, for many years, the magazine’s Christmas verse, “Greetings, Friends!The bearded man laughing at his daughter is Bill Russell, the most remarkable basketball player of our time. Here are his trenchant, often angry observations on today's Negro-white crisis and his role in it White men in suits follow Felipe Lopez everywhere he goes. They rarely miss one of Felipe's games or tournaments... Outside, the August night was cool and serene, with just a wisp of West Texas wind.His greatness is not marked in box scores or at slam-dunk contests, but on the court Shane Battier makes his team better, often much better, and his opponents worse, often much worse. for a talented 7- or 8-year-old gymnast to go away and not see her family at all, but for a baseball player to do anything close to that, it's like, 'Oh, my God, that's terrible! As for hitting the thing, frankly, I just don't think it's humanly possible Every other high-school football player in America was dying for Lemming to invite him to play in the U. Inside, there was a sense of excitement and also relief, for the waiting was basically over...


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