Fidel Castro Essay

We overthrew the tyranny to free the people from murder, torture, and oppression and from misery.This is the secret of our revolution, of the power of our revolution, which turned its eyes to the most humble to help them. We no longer sell ourselves to the large domestic and foreign vested interests as we are a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.In conclusion we can see that Fidel Castro had a major impact on Cuba.

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Since he became popular he gained power and control of Batista on January 1 of the year 1959. Because of this one party socialist state many middle class citizens, along with the upper-class citizens too, would be exiled.

Many things in Cuba changed because of Fidel Castro. Fidel often showed hostility toward the United states.

Could we have overthrown tyranny to continue small politics?

We overthrew the tyranny to make the revolution triumph.

This, in the eyes of our detractors and of our enemies is the crime we have committed.

We have turned our eyes to the forgotten ones, the ones who need us; the ones who really needed a revolution to free themselves of so much suffering. The revolution did not come into power after a coup d'etat--after all the coup d'etat almost never is revolution.To those who do not understand or who do not wish to understand, we say that this is the secret of the tremendous power of the Cuban revolution.Could we have overthrown the tyranny simply to have a change of men in government?We did not come to power through fraid or small politics.We have deprived no one of his right to think freely, to write freely, and to express his views freely.And what has the government of the Cuban revolution been since Jan.1, 1959 but a government of the people, by the people, and for the people?To those who speak in the name of democracy or who hypocritically invoke the word democracy to slander us we can say that this is democracy.Democracy is the fulfillment of the will of the people.As a result of this decision the United States would no longer buy sugar from Cuba. This resulted in Fidel’s loss of popularity which therefore made the people think he didn’t deserve as much power as he had.Although Castro did many negative things he also did a few positive ones.


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