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While many differences do exist between the culture of the film “Fight Club” and the evangelical men’s ministries drawing upon it for their metaphor, when it comes to the definition and formation of true “masculinity,” the two cultures bear striking similarities.The resonances of the cult classic are still sounding as churches across...Others often use masculinity, most often associated with strength, confidence and self-sufficiency to define a man’s identity.

So is Tyler Durden masculine because of his no nonsense attitude or are his law breaking antics and unusual lifestyle seen as a failure because he is a man with neither family, money nor a well respected job?

These typical aspirations are commonly defined as the male American dream, but does following life by the rulebook placed on males by society really make a male masculine?

If something does not have label that gives it a certain status then most consumers see its use is obsolete.

There is a need to constantly have the best new product that is available, even if one already has purchased that need or if it is available for less money at the same quality.

The second area for cultural analysis is the formation of true “masculinity.” As both cultures define true “masculinity” over and against the diminished masculinity in broader American society, both cultures propose that men need to overcome several hindrances to true masculinity common in American society today.

Thus both the film “Fight Club” and the evangelical right offer not only a critique of the shortcomings of masculinity in broader American culture but also provide a paradigm for overcoming such shortcomings.

What concerns me are celebrities on magazine, television with 500 channels, some guy’s name on my underwear” (Fight Club).

This suggests that people are more concerned with how people view their material items than the actual purpose of them.

Fight Club specifically debunks the male American dream.

It challenges’ the idea that the masculine identity is defined by We are by products of a lifestyle obsession…


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