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Bremner Rick Lupert copy of the book “Hunka Hunka Howdee!” by Rick Lupert Rochelle Potkar 1 copy of the poetry book “Four Degrees of Separation” by Rochelle Potkar 1 copy of the haibun book “Paper Asylum” by Rochelle Potkar Rohini Sunderam 1 copy of the book “Five Lives One Day in Bahrain” by Rohini Sunderam 1 copy of the book “The Meating Room by TF Muir” Ron Kolm 2 copies of the book “Welcome to the Barbecue” by Ron Kolm Sandra Soli 1 copy of the poetry chapbook book “What Trees Know” (winner of Oklahoma Book Award) by Sandra Soli Stanley Barkan 1 copy of the poetry and art book “Freya’s Tears” by Mia Barkan Clarke Susan Beth Furst copy of the chapbook “Souvenir Shop: Memories of the Highland Park Zoo” by Susan Beth Furst with 1 copy of the picutre book “Electric Pink: A Christmas Haubun” by Susan Beth Furst 1 copy of the chapbook “Midwinter Moon: A Collection of Christmas Haiku” by Susan Beth Furst with 1 copy of the picutre book “Electric Pink: A Christmas Haubun” by Susan Beth Furst Tebot Bach 5 copies of Spillway Magazine 1 two-issue subscription to Spillway beginning with issue 27 2 books of choice from the Tebot Bach Bookstore 2 sets of two books of the winner’s choice from the Tebot Bach Bookstore Terry Lee, Poet 2 copies of the book “Penny Pages of Poetry” by Terry Lee sold on street corners.

Bremner Rick Lupert copy of the book “Hunka Hunka Howdee!

Alan Britt 2 copies of the poetry book “Lost Among the Hours” by Alan Britt Alexandra Umlas copies of the book “At the Table of the Unknown” by Alexandra Umlas Alice Pero copies of the book “Thawed Stars” by Alice Pero Angélique Jamail, Author

Angelique 3 copies of the book “FINIS.” by Angélique Jamail Blue Lyra Press 1 copy of the book “The Floating Door” (poems) by M. Silverman 4 copies of Blue Lyra Press’ latest Delphi Chapbook volume Charlie Brice 1 copy of the book “An Accident of Blood” by Charlie Brice Cindy Tebo $25.00 Cash Donation Added to the Prize Pot Shared by the Contest Winners Clint Hirschfield 2 copies of the Pendle War Poetry Anthology “Selected Poems 2018: Under 18 & Overseas” David C.

In addition, thanks to sponsor Cindy Tebo ($25) and Jayanta ($30), an additional $55 will be added to the entry fees collected and divided with the above percentages among the top three scoring poets.

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, we are able to supplement the cash prizes with an impressive array of prizes which would be of interest to poets and writers.

Murphy & Michelle Greenblatt 1 copy of the book “Citizen Relent” by Jeff Weddle Vincent O’Connor 1 copy of the book “”Wishbones”” by Ben-Moeller-Gaa 1 copy of the book “”Distant Noise”” by Jean Fremon Voices Israel 1 copy of the Voices Israel 2015 Anthology 1 copy of “A Second Decade of Poems from Voices Israel” Walking Press The 1st Place PSH Contest Winner will be a Featured Writer/Poet/Artist in our bi-monthly Boom Songs publication – a small-run, chapbook handmade using recycled coffee cup sleeves as covers. in Poetry from California State University, Long Beach and an M. Visit her on the web at Ellis (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) Angele Ellis won third place in the 2018 (Six Gallery), a hybrid poetry-fiction tribute to her adopted city of Pittsburgh, with photographs by Rebecca Clever.

The profits of the chapbook are split with the featured poet.

The following prizes will be used to bolster first through third prize as well as distributed to other contest entrants.

Our goal is to be able to send every single person who enters the contest something.

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