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So that the next time you turn in a paper the grade will reflect your hard work, not the mix-up between their and there.

With The Princeton Review's proofreading homework help, you can edit your essay in real-time.

While most of us use spell check, this is not guaranteed to catch all errors.

I have found that utilizing additional proofreading tools has not only picked up errors that were missed, but has also improved my writing and editing skills.

Ginger is a free online proofreader for up to 600 words.

The online proofreader didn’t work for me for some reason, but they have a fantastic free software to download which works across all text on your computer including emails."I find the suggestions to be extremely helpful especially as they can instantly take you to that section in your paper for you to fix any and all issues related to the grammar or spelling error(s)." - Catherine R.Unintentional plagiarism, grammar mistakes, and uncited sources can turn what you thought was a good paper into a poor one.1Checker is a free online checker (requires registration) which checks your spelling and grammar and enhances text readability. After the Deadline offers a quick and helpful free online spelling, grammar and style check.They also have free apps to download for a variety of platforms.Of course, it is always important to manually edit and proofread your writing and use these tools only as a final check.Paper Rater is a free online proofreading service with basic grammar and editing capabilities.Excellent papers and essays clearly express strong ideas with good grammar, proper punctuation, spot-on spelling, and thorough, careful citations.While this may sound like a lot, your teachers and professors are grading you on your skills as both a writer and a researcher, which means your assignments will require an ethical and attentive approach.Don't let grammatical errors hurt your English grade.Team up with an expert who's fanatical about punctuation, run-on sentences and all things grammar.


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