Gcse English Media Essay

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We know that paragraph cohesion is an important part of successful persuasive writing.The writing section of GCSE English Language Paper Two, Section B – persuasive writing or writing to express a viewpoint – is potentially the more challenging of the writing tasks.Perhaps this is because it asks students to work with a form that they’re unaccustomed to: the purpose might be beyond the reach of the students’ everyday domain, demanding successful application of various persuasive writing techniques; the register can be challenging to get right and the discourse unfamiliar.A student could productively employ the usual devices to build such cohesion, such as conjunctions or adverbials of time within their writing. Potentially, the discourse of persuasion is the discourse of power.However, another device that can work really well is the explicit paragraph link, in which a motif or phrase in the last sentence of a paragraph is repeated in the first sentence of the next paragraph: This technique can help students to employ much more bespoke, effective ways of linking ideas than the usual ‘firstly… There are several gains a student might make in their own persuasive writing by ‘borrowing’ from ‘powerful language.We can see these approaches in the powerful arguments we read in the media each day: In these examples from A ‘a full range of appropriate sentence forms [used] for effect’ is, the mark-scheme tells us, a way of helping students to access ‘Level 4’.Particular sentence structures can, however, allow students to showcase more advanced thinking.I gathered the ideas the students generated through discussion and mind-mapping on a projected screen in the form of text boxes, with the intention of modelling how we might structure and sequence the ideas most powerfully. The idea of clustering the ideas topically seemed like a sensible idea.However, I suggested an alternative approach: grouping ideas by which mode of rhetoric they most suited.Comparative subordinating conjuntions such as ‘however’ can allow a student to rebuff a counter-argument, as can the preposition ‘despite’.A student could use conjunctions such as ‘because’ and ‘since’ to demonstrate reasoning.


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