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The world we live in today is still man-made, no less now then in the nineteenth century.

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Even so men still commit a much higher proportion of crime.

An early study into the causes of crime by Lombrosso claimed that men commit more crime as they are more likely to have physical flaws such as an extra nipple creating a more ape like appearance.

Today’s independent woman is not what we expect them to be.

The typical stay-at-home motherly persona was dropped in favor of the equality-based figurehead.

By studying criminals in one Italian prison he argued that a more ape like features that he claimed could be seen in convicts and not in the prison officers, suggested that the individual was less evolved and therefore predisposed to committing crime.

He noted that women are less likely to have these flaws and are therefore not born criminals explaining less female criminal activities.This would explain why men commit more crime than women.However New Left Realists would disagree and claim that the New Right Realists were over concentrating on the operation of control agencies and that in fact a combination of political marginalisation, relative deprivation and the formation of deviant subcultures leads to crime. The subsequent impact on men, women, and families due to these changes is believed to be caused by the re-emergence of the women's movement.Recent research has established beyond a doubt that males and females are born with a different set of "instructions" built into their genetic code. Introduction Outline and asses sociological explanations of gender differences in the pattern of crime By looking at official statistics it would appear that 80% of all crime is committed by men.Crime committed by women is generally more minor and men commit more crime in every area with the exception of shoplifting.New Right Realists claim that serious unemployment leads to crime as the perpetrator has fewer responsibilities.In the north of England where there is high male unemployment due to the reduction in manual work, there are also higher crime rates.Similarly New Right Realist Murray also studied the working class in his study of what he called "the underclass" referring to those who live entirely off state benefits.He claimed that crime was committed by men due to a lack of paternal role models due to a high amount of single parent families.


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