Get Paid To Solve Problems

Artificial intelligence is upon us, but there are some very, very serious concerns about what that means for humanity.

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Either being the first to devise a solution, or coming in afterward to improve upon it — this is how entrepreneurs with simple ideas turn their concepts into successful companies.

With that in mind, looking for a problem to solve is often a huge hang-up for would-be entrepreneurs.

But there’s still time, because we haven’t made it yet.

For the person or company that ultimately figures it out, they will undoubtedly leave a lasting mark on the world for generations to come.

This is something that we’re still not properly dealing with yet, though we continue to build new and advanced AIs at a record pace.

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There’s an awful lot of money literally flying through space.From drones to autonomous robots used for soldiering, there is a lot to be concerned about.And if some of this technology were to fall into the hands of those who wish to do harm to large amounts of people, things could get very, very ugly.And as the climate changes, and resources become even further strained, growing crops and raising animals for food will become even more difficult — if not impossible. Indoor, vertical farms are being developed, as is lab-grown meat.While that may sound unappetizing, meat grown in labs is a big deal — because raising animals takes a huge amount of energy and space, and is incredibly destructive, if not completely unsustainable.The problem is, we don’t have a real way of reaching it; or capturing it, and bringing it back down to Earth for processing and use.Asteroids, giant hunks of rock that are flying through or suspended in outer space, are loaded with precious metals and other natural resources that are in finite supply here on Earth.The point is, artificial intelligence will change everything; it’s just a matter of how humanity fits into the equation.What the world needs is AI safeguards, or protocols to make sure AIs, or rogue AIs, can be contained.Issues like water scarcity and energy storage also play into our final big problem that needs solving: food production.We may have it good here in America, but there are still millions upon millions of starving and hungry people in the world.


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