Goals Essay Criminal Justice

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The system must allow the law enforcers to keep the community safe.The United States is home to 5 percent of world's population, yet it has over 25 percent of the world's prisoners.The question is too elusive, too complex to unravel.

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The cost includes health care, court costs, probation and other direct costs associated with imprisonment.

Similarly, the prisoners are not productive leaving their families poor.

Describing himself as "an academic lawyer who for many years has been a student of the workings of the legal system and in particular of the system's pathology," Zander examined recent changes in civil justice, criminal justice, and the protection of human rights in the United Kingdom.

Although his lectures focused on the legal system and the courts rather than on more fundamental ideas of "justice," he offered a trenchant critique of the new The truth is that the [1999] reforms spring not from a desire to improve access to justice but from the Treasury's need to control the budget. Zander's comments reveal the complex social, political and legal contexts within which current discussions about justice occur.

The concept of justice in legal cases I suspect is too deep for any research project (Zander 2000: 2).

Goals Essay Criminal Justice

Professor Zander's comments at the beginning of the Hamlyn Lectures in 1999 suggest a need for caution in discussions about the meaning and processes of justice.

Thus, recent decades have witnessed "first wave" changes to make legal representation of accused persons more effective (such as legal aid for accused persons); as well as "second wave" changes which have provided improvements to criminal trials (such as requirements of prosecutorial disclosure), a broader range of sentencing options (such as formal cautions and conditional sentences), and some recognition of the impact of criminal activity on victims and communities (such as victim impact statements) (Crawford in Young and Wall, eds. In this way, the early insights of the Florence Access-to-Justice Project are connected to new developments in both criminal and civil justice.

This analysis of access to justice initiatives in civil law and criminal law contexts suggests a need to reassess the continuing validity of distinctions between these categories.

The United States introduced criminal justice reform with the objective of correcting errors made during criminal justice processes.

The goals of the reforms are to reduce the number of incarcerated prisoners and prison sentences.


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