Graduate School Essay Word Limit

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The idea is to come up with a few formative or exemplary incidents in each of these categories.As you pare down your list and begin to create an outline or structure for your essay, play around with different ways to organize your story.

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Lucky for you, dear applicant, we’ve done this before, and we have crafted a list of essential tips to help you get organized, sculpt your story, and distinguish yourself from your closest competition.

This should be your mantra for the entire application process.

While this type of personal statement may sound like little more than a glorified cover letter, a well crafted narrative will not only cover all of the bases, but also drive home the point that your grad program of choice is the inevitable next step. The good news is that most graduate programs ask for very similar things, usually a combination of the personal, academic, and professional experiences that have informed your decision to apply.

Your challenge is to weave this varied information into a cohesive story that demonstrates growth, mastery, and future potential.

Sometimes the clearest option is to address each area of your life separately, but the narrative can feel stilted.

Often going with a more chronological or thematic structure will help illustrate your personal growth and demonstrate how your personal, professional, and academic experiences complement and build on each other.You won’t be able to tell your whole life story in your personal statement — and you shouldn’t try!Instead, set aside some time to brainstorm and hone a list of key personal, professional, and academic experiences.Every graduate program has a different name for it: personal statement, letter of intent, statement of purpose.But a rose by any other name is still a personal essay.For most people this is chronological, but if you’ve taken a so-called “non-traditional” path to grad school, you may need to jump around and describe your experiences more thematically.No matter what, signposting throughout your essay will be key.Did it force you to develop a new skill set that will serve you well in chosen career?If this part of your story doesn’t fit neatly into the personal marketing required on the personal statement, there may be another option.While undergraduate institutions like to distinguish themselves with quirky essay questions, grad programs don’t have time for such adolescent antics.They want a straightforward narrative that shows that you are prepared for the work, committed to the field, and clear on how an advanced degree will contribute to your career.


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