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I aim to demonstrate a more objective exploration of Snapeism, exploring the genuine power that a filmic narrative can possess in the imagination, and even religiosity, of a devout fan.It is vital that both scholars of religion and scholars of popular cultural products such as film advocate either the seriousness with which we need to treat any religious viewpoint, or the ludicrous and invented elements of To methodologically explore the Snapists’ relatively common metaphysical approach to fiction and film, I will employ Danielle Kirby’s classificatory system of metaphysical uses of popular fiction.

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It is within this imaginative zone that Snapeism emerged, and criticisms of its followers flourished.

Because the Snapists drew from a fictional novel and a series of popular films as sacred source material, they have been categorised as mad rather than devout.

It is also a place where appreciation of these texts can take on religious dimensions, and these ideas can be easily proliferated amongst sympathetic friends around the world.

It is in this environment of international sharing and co-operation that fiction-based religions can grow to unprecedented degrees.

This paper explores a small community of Snape fans who have gone beyond a narrative retelling of the character as constrained by the work of Joanne Katherine Rowling.

The ‘Snapewives’ or ‘Snapists’ are women who channel Snape, are engaged in romantic relationships with him, and see him as a vital guide for their daily lives.

In this context, Snape is viewed as more than a mere fictional creation.

He is seen as a being that extends beyond the fandom, I argue that religions of this nature are not uncommon, unreasonable, or unprecedented.

Her taxonomy delineates the category of ‘text as reality’, in which “the text is constructed as a reality in itself, not simply within the internal logics of the narrative, but owning some form of extra-textual ontological status” ([1], p. Under this schema, Snape exists as a being with thoughts and feelings independent of Rowling as author.

Of additional consideration will be the veracity of any given religion, including the scriptures of Christianity—used by the Snapists as an example of another possible system of beliefs with equal validity to theirs.


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