Hegel Antithesis Thesis

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Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC) perfected a form of deductive argument called the syllogism.

"Classical reasoning assumes the principle of logical identity: A = A or A is not non-A". Perhaps you may already have seen the answer to this in Hegel's as his "psychology", because it was the only one of his writings which deals with the world, not as it appears to Absolute Mind (or Spirit) but to quite ordinary minds like our own.

Dialectical thinking derives its dynamic of negation from its ability to reveal "contradictions" within almost any category or identity.

Hegel's "contradiction" does not simply mean a mechanical denial or opposition.

You only really see the rewards when you later come to observe language in use and you grasp what it is that makes the language of poetry so evocative".

Hegel deals with a sequence of logical categories: being, becoming, one, many, essence, existence, cause, effect, universal, mechanism, and "life".

Think of these structural elements as the interrelated ones of a whole architecture or even better, a fractal architecture.

Aristotle's logic is concerned with separate, discrete (self-)identities in a deductive pattern.

Hegel dissolves this classical static view in a dynamic movement towards the whole.

The whole is an overcoming which preserves what it overcomes. Hegel's special term for this "contradiction" of overcoming and at the same time preserving is , sometimes translated as "sublation".


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