High School Admission Essay

High School Admission Essay-14
I build rapport with my students and create a breathing space so they can tell their stories.

It’s also a wasted opportunity when students do not set aside some time before college digging deep in self-reflection.

Taking this time to reflect helps students find structure in their life stories and meaning in the person they have become.

Let’s get your child on their chosen path before senior year gets ahead of them.

Is it difficult for college admission officers to tell when a student has not written his own application essay? Admission officers read thousands of college essays, year after year.

Admission committees use scores, grades, and citizenship to gauge the applicant’s legitimacy.

But they rely on the essays to get to know a student and their fit with the school.

It may be grammatically correct, but a boring essay adds nothing to the application.

It is, therefore, a wasted opportunity to enhance the student’s admission possibilities.

I look forward to inspiring and guiding your child through this important chance to shine.

I am currently scheduling coaching sessions for late summer and early-fall.


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