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But the real eye-opening graphic is this one, which shows that by far the assignments were mostly low-level.

This makes some logical sense when you think about it.

This is partially to help close the "homework gap" that surfaces because some students can access parent help or help via technology, while other students can't.

It's possible that teachers are purposefully giving lower-level work to their students to take home for this reason.

Also, the majority of the assignments the parents sent in came from the elementary grades.

The report makes suggestions on how districts can strategically improve the quality of their homework, rather than deciding to chuck it out altogether.Next, John Smithson, an emeritus researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, had teams grade them on a taxonomy looking at both the content and the "cognitive demand," or difficulty, of the work.The index fell on a 1 to 10 scale, with a score 4 to 6 range considered as "good" alignment. On average, math assignments fell within this range, while the ELA ones were slightly weaker, in the 3 to 5 range.Now, a new analysis from the Center for American Progress suggests a more fruitful way of thinking about this problem.Maybe, it suggests, what we should be doing is looking at what students are routinely being asked to do in take-home assignments, how well that homework supports their learning goals (or doesn't), and make changes from there.Just as with teaching and testing, it is much easier to write homework assignments prioritizing basic arithmetic drills and fill-in-the-blank vocabulary words than ones that get students to "prove" or "generalize" some tenet.(I suspect prepackaged curricula, too, probably lean more toward rote stuff than cognitively demanding exercises.) Here's another epxlanation: Many teachers believe homework should be for practicing known content, not learning something new.Zoom in on the issues you care about and learn to think about them as God does.These focused, self-contained studies guide you into God's Word one topic at a time, 6 weeks at a time, with no homework.The analysis of nearly 200 pieces of homework concludes that much of what students are asked to do aligns to the Common Core State Standards—a testament to how pervasive the standards are in the U. education system, even though many states have tweaked, renamed, or replaced them.However, most of the homework embodied basic, procedural components of the standards, rather than the more difficult skills—such as analyzing or extending their knowledge to new problems. And we were also surprised by the degree that the homework was rote, and how much some of this stuff felt like Sudoku," said Ulrich Boser, a senior fellow at CAP.


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