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In this section, you should also clarify the theoretical orientation of your project and identify specific sources from which you will draw.In order to build an argument, you must begin to lay out for the reader the claims you are making and the basis on which you are making them.All research proposals must have clear mind and brain relevance. Furthermore, reviewers must perceive projects as a “good fit for the school”.

You should be able to identify themes that emerge from the existing research as well as its shortcomings.

Or, you may find that what exists on the topic is truly excellent, but that it doesn’t account for the specific problem you have identified.

That, in fact, may become a useful point for you to discuss in the conclusion to your work.

But having some sense of the result you expect will help keep your work focused on the relevant issues and will keep you alert to information which may lead to conclusions other than what you expected.

It should also require you to look at multiple sources.

In introducing your problem in a research proposal, you should provide a succinct statement which will help you to remain focused on the issue that you are addressing and how the information you will be discussing is related to that issue.

You should also indicate, even in a preliminary fashion, the “solution” or interpretation you anticipate will result from your analysis of the problem.

It’s likely (perhaps inevitable) that once you’ve completed your research and are writing your final paper, your “solution” will be rather different than you anticipated.

However, we can offer the following advice which is based on our experience with previous applications: It is recommended (but not a must) to contact potential supervisor(s) of your project.

Please pick these potential supervisors from our faculty list (


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