How To Write Good Creative Writing

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Writing can be really fun, so just keep practising, you'll get the hang of it!Ever wondered how some people write interesting pieces while others have hard time coming up with even just one sentence, say a caption for their Facebook update? If you’re a fan of mathematics then let me assure you- Except from the long followed structure of writing that comprises of an introduction, body and conclusion, one can use anything in between like maybe- add some sub headings or quotes or anything that can be incorporated in the writing that will make it look really good. They’re based on my experience and I think they’ll be helpful for any other writer struggling to come up with their very first line.1.

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I started free writing from an advice I got from William Zinsser’s book On Writing Well.

I started writing whatever was on my mind without thinking about my grammar, spell errors or the right words.

Now pick five words to describe it - they can be really basic (large, small, red, thin, round, flat, wooden etc.). Know your audience Okay, so maybe you and your teacher are quite close, maybe you're quite informal with them.

Just remember that, when it comes to the exam, they aren't going to be marking it.

Don't swear, don't talk about anything innapropriate, don't be rude to the reader.

How To Write Good Creative Writing

Also, be aware of what you are meant to be writing about - if you're writing a diary entry don't write in the same way as you would for a holiday brochure! Push yourself Just because there are guidelines to follow doesn't mean you can't push them a little bit.The most important thing is: EVERYONE CAN BE CREATIVE.I put that in capitals because it's very important.Practice Free writing I get ideas about what to write all day, every day and yet end up writing nothing at all.This is because I have so many ideas that I do not know which to start first.First of all, there is no specific framework for a good piece of creative writing!Everybody writes differently, and different styles of writing require different skills.Well, wonder no more for this post is written especially for people like you and me who struggle to write an essay on almost everything. Write the Introduction in the end Most people make the mistake of writing, or struggling to write, the introduction first. Well, of course grammar is one thing but trust me, everyone has their own way of writing and no one in the world can help you to make it a piece of cake.They know that this has to be the most interesting sentence that’ll grasp the reader’s attention and thus, tend to spend a lot of time coming up with the right tone, sentence or sometimes, a quote or an anecdote because they know that’ll work. Even the most experienced writers find it hard to come up with catchy introduction lines.Try writing it in the end after you’ve written your body so that you know where your introduction is heading the reader to.2.


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