How Would You Solve This Math Problem

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If you flip the image upside down, you’ll see that what you’re dealing with is a simple number sequence.This problem shouldn’t be All of the numbers in every row and column add up to 15!Since one measurement includes the cat’s height and subtracts the turtle’s and the other does the opposite, you can essentially just act like the two animals aren’t there.

Adding two decimals together is easier than it looks.

Don’t let the fact that 8.563 has fewer numberrs than 4.8292 trip you up.

This tricky math problem went viral a few years back after it appeared on an entrance exam in Hong Kong… Supposedly the students had just 20 seconds to solve the problem!

Believe it or not, this “math” question actually requires no math whatsoever.

In order to solve this problem, you need to understand how the area of a parallelogram works.

If you already know how the area of a parallelogram and the area of a triangle are related, then adding 79 and 10 and subsequently subtracting 72 and 8 to get 9 should make sense—but if you’re still confused, then check out this You Tube video for a more in-depth explanation.

Albert: I don’t know when Cheryl’s birthday is, but I know that Bernard doesn’t not know too.

Bernard: At first I don’t know when Cheryl’s birthday is, but I know now.

first wrote about this deceiving question, we had to ask a mathematician to explain the answer!

Some people get stumped by the triangles hiding inside of the triangles and others forget to include the giant triangle housing all of the others.


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