Huck And Pap Essay

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Huck’s freedom is all about personal freedom to escape the rules, do what he wants and live an adventure. His whole run away plan is like this world where he can do what he wants and not worry about anything.

The one thing he does not realize though is through all of his pranks he is jeopardizing the chances of Jim getting caught.

It was also one of the few times Huck actually felt someone care for him which is why it changed his views of Jim so much.

“It was 15 minutes before I could go and humble myself to a nigger- but I done it, and I warn’t ever sorry for it afterwards, neither.

“my heart wuz mos’ broke bekase you wuz los’, en I didn’ k’yer no mo’ what become er me en de raf.

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En when I wake up and fine you back agin’ all safe en soun’, de tears come…”(65) In this quote was the first time that Jim expressed his feelings and Huck actually heard him.I didn’t do him no more mean tricks, and I wouldn’t have one if I’d knowed it would make him feel that way.”(65) The river brought Huck and Jim together at that point.Jim told Huck that he was the only white man to ever keep his word to him, which shows how Huck is now treating Jim with his heart and not how society thinks he should be treated.When Huck and Jim find each other on Jackson Island it seems as if it’s a dream like setting.Huck who had broke away from the pressure of society and Jim who is also longing to be free and be able to have a say have both come together in search for freedom.Jim tries to act like a parent and tells Huck no when he tells Jim about his wild plans, but Jim always gives into Huck letting him go through with his wild ideas.This may be because of Jim’s fear that Huck will turn him in for the reward money.Jim finally stands up for himself one time which is the climaxing point of Huck and Jim’s relationship, and Huck’s moral views of Jim. “Well, he was right, he was most always right; he had an uncommon level head for a nigger.”(57) Huck’s feelings for pranks and the way he feels about Jim change after he tells Jim that he was only dreaming they had been lost from each other in the terrible fog.In reality they had been separated for quite awhile, and Jim was very upset when he found out it had not been a dream.In the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, Huck is a character that lives pre civil war in a time where slavery and society are two main issues.In the beginning of the novel Huck rebels against being civilized by Miss Watson and the Widow Douglas, as well as the abuse from his father by running away to the river.


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