Intermediate 1 English Critical Essay Marking Scheme

The student may also discuss the complaint with the Office of Academic Programs and Student Services (120 Schaeffer Hall, 335-2633) or may schedule a meeting with that office to review the complaint process.Students who have not yet spoken with their instructor or DEO about the problem will be encouraged by the office to do so.In some departments, faculty are required to submit a mid-term grade even if the earned grade is above a D ; in other departments, this are optional.

The Registrar's website offers an interactive GPA calculator.

Courses in which marks of AUS, AUU, I, IP, N, O, P, R, S, U, or W have been given are not included in the GPA calculation. If a student falls slightly below the 2.0 standard in major course work, the DEO or the department's director of undergraduate studies may petition the College for an exception to the minimum GPA requirement in the major.

Undergraduate grading guidelines Policies concerning the Incomplete Reporting grades Changing a previously reported grade Undergraduate grading grievances Grade points per semester hour GPA needed for graduation Additional marks used on the grade report Second-Grade-Only Option Grading is a difficult task and departments are encouraged to set aside time each year to share best practices and to discuss grading strategies within the department or program.

New instructors should especially be mentored about grading and grading issues while being introduced to best grading practices.

All grading grievances must be filed within six months of the incident.

To graduate, a student must achieve a 2.0 grade point average in all four of the following GPA calculations: all college work attempted (both at The University of Iowa and at any transfer institutions); all work undertaken at The University of Iowa; all work in the major field; and all work for the major undertaken at The University of Iowa.Below is one standard set of letter grades and percent equivalencies that is used by some instructors in criterion-referenced grading.Each instructor may choose their own percent equivalencies for letter grades.After the Chair approves each class list, the grades are recorded on the student's permanent record and become available through the student's My UI account.Specific deadlines may be found on the Registrar's academic calendar.The degree audit (available to students through My UI) provides students with their current GPAs.The cumulative grade point average (GPA) is computed by (a) multiplying the number of semester hours in each course by the appropriate grade points; (b) adding up the results in (a); and (c) dividing the total in (b) by the total number of hours taken.Instructors should tell students asking for an extension who do not qualify for the I mark that CLAS policy does not allow the extension of the semester for the sake of any one student.A student receiving a poor grade in a course should instead consider a second-grade-only option or should speak to the staff in Academic Programs and Student Development (120 Schaeffer Hall) about any other viable actions.Instructors and/or departments may set their own percentages.A course may not be repeated by the student to remove a grade of Incomplete; the grade must be removed by the student completing the unfinished portion of the work.


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