Internet Censorship Thesis

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This prevents their viewers from accessing certain cite.

There are times, the laws politely asks stakeholders like the government service providers and users as well as industries to produce codes of conducts, and ensure that such codes have been implemented to the later (Hamade, 2008 ).

As a result, this research tries to critically analyze whether individuals are better off with free access to the information, or if such individuals should be protected from what the governing organ considers as being harmful, indent or illicit (Hamade, 2008). What is Internet filtering and how is it conducted? There are many using of the software in the marked what it is? Is internet filtering considered protection or censorship? What are the countries which monitor some websites? Why some countries have extraordinary effort to barriers the specific websites?

Literature Review Internet Filtering Internet filtering is a phrase that has been used to describe content control software and/or internet censorship.

Through the centuries, there has been construction of mechanisms of censor in the name of national security and protection.

Currently, the applications have moved to software state.

Some programs like UNIX have been equipped with filtering programs.

Such filtering programs get most of its data from a stand point, and end up writing its major results to standard outputs.

There are some laws and regulations which might bur some organizations and individuals engaged in internet material provision from receiving certain incentives like funds.

In such conditions, such organizations like libraries are forced to install filtering software on their computers.


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