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Accreditation Requirement To meet accrediting guidelines, journalism majors must complete a minimum of 72 units outside the major area of journalism and public relations.For more information regarding major requirements for the Annenberg School of Journalism, please visit the USC Catalogue.

Electives may also be concentrated in areas of study, such as broadcast and video journalism, digital and emerging technologies or sports journalism.Students at USC Annenberg learn from the best and graduate with a range of experiences and contacts that will be of great value throughout their careers.Academic Advisement All undergraduate communication majors are required to meet with a USC Annenberg undergraduate adviser each semester to review degree requirements and plan their communication major progress.Students who do not complete the online tutorial will not be allowed to progress in the program.Journalism Requirements (44 units) Plus 12 upper-division journalism and/or public relations elective units.The program offers courses that explore the essential components of a contemporary journalism education, including media literacy, ethical constructs of social media, a civic engagement lab experience, coding for storytelling, and law and ethics for the digital age.At the conclusion of the degree program, students will produce digital portfolios and personal websites featuring their best work at the school.Similarly, journalists devote most of their efforts to working with primary sources, whereas a research paper or another non-fiction piece of writing might frequently consult an encyclopedia, a scholarly article, or another secondary or tertiary source.When a journalist is researching and writing their story, they will often interview a number of individuals—from politicians to the average citizen—to gain insight into what people have experienced, and the quotes journalists collect drive and shape their stories.USC Annenberg Connects Annenberg Connects engages the local community to strengthen current programs and identifies potential new opportunities for partnerships while working with our faculty, staff, and students to build curricular programming that incorporates and promotes civic and community engagement.USC Annenberg International Programs USC Annenberg sponsors international undergraduate study abroad programs and graduate internship programs in exciting cities around the globe.


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