Kindergarten Classroom Observation Essay

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Although some students instantly knew the answers, she repeated the questions until every student answered.Next, the students got play a game of "Show and Tell" using items that involved what they had learned that morning.I would scramble the individual letters and then the student would place the letter below the same letter on his or her name card.

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Other students I had to show how to hold the scissors and explain that they should hold the paper with the hand that's not holding the scissors.

I observed that their motor skills are still being developed and that cutting along a line is a difficult task for them.

The students did, however, get to play on scooters, with bouncing balls and musical instruments.

There was also plenty of room for them to run around.

The object was a square and every student was able to tell me what shape it was.

Some students could pick up the scissors and begin cutting without any instruction.

She pointed to the numbers one through three as the students named the numbers.

She also pointed to a capital "T'' and lowecase "t" as well as a few shapes and a few colors.

After constructing their letter character, the students played at centers.

Before they could go to a center, students had to identify their name and which center they were assigned to.


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