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It is believed by some and accepted by others that love can develop and two people can learn to live with each other. However, in these contemporary times, such marriages seem to be becoming more common.

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Since the level of marital satisfaction on its own does not give any real measure this paper will try to compare satisfaction in arranged marriages with unarranged ones.

In the conservative Indian Culture marriage comes before love. 837121 Introduction Marriages in general are always welcome and are considered to be a good thing, but when it comes to same sex marriages, then eyebrows are lifted in question.

On the other hand, in arranged marriages, a lot of emphasis on the matching partner is taken and the family background scrutinized whether it has a good reputation or not.

The parent take time before they can finally approve that the partner can marry their son/daughter and then give a go ahead their daughter/son to meet.

On the contrary, the payment of dowry by the girl’s family to the boy’s family is a sign that the girl’s family has been relieved of a burden.

They pay because the boy has accepted to stay with their daughter.This might be done in a hurry without investigating the family background of the partner or even the past life, only to realize later on that the relationship can not work.This leads to divorces now and then in the society.Conclusion Arranged marriage has been a tradition that has been practiced widely in the ancient period.During these periods, people needed to keep inter-family ties and this could be strengthened through inter-marrying.Some of the factors they do consider are the family background, education, social life, age, height and beauty. Arranged Marriages Essay”, n.d.) Traditional Marriages vs. Retrieved from 24 September Interracial Marriages US has seen a rapid increase in the number of interracial marriages since 1967, when the Supreme Court had eliminated the ban upon them, though they are still not very common.The US Census Bureau states that in the year 1970, there were 65000 black-white marriages in US. Interracial marriages make less than 10 per cent of the total presently.This is to encourage marriage because staying single is not accepted in the Indian culture.In fact, a woman who decides to stay single or who divorces her husband is seen as a social misfit (Ahmad 16).Introduction The tradition of arranged marriages persist in Asian countries, where the elders in the family as well as the community help in finding suitable spouses for young men and women of marriageable age, and parents take the responsibility of getting their children married.With increasing globalization and job opportunities in foreign locales in the west, growing numbers of young men from Asian countries work in the west, and.....comfortable.


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