Mba Application Essays That Worked Case Studies Of Successful Applicants

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Another study reported even larger career-switching percentages post-graduation.

According to a Transparent Career study, 89 percent of MBAs switch either industry or function after graduating, and 69 percent change both.

The candidate needs to be careful not to discuss their background and explain how they reached such a choice; the question doesn’t ask about those aspects, and any more than briefly establishing a long-term context up-front will waste badly-needed space.

However, an effective transition to the next section might talk about how the candidate’s career progress will continue to be hindered by personal and professional deficiencies that only the UNC MBA program can remedy.

“Short” hardly means “easy.” The word limits often make writing compelling responses far more challenging.

Mba Application Essays That Worked Case Studies Of Successful Applicants

Here are a few general tips: Part One Analysis As many as 40 percent of MBAs switch to unanticipated industries after graduating, according to a 2017 report from the Graduate Management Admissions Council.Given this new research we first reported on in our Guide to MBA Careers, it makes sense that admission committees would cut questions about long-term career objectives and ask about short-term objectives instead.The prompts about short-term goals like this one from UNC and other schools like Columbia reflect admission officers’ up-to-date awareness of this trend.Focusing on Harvard Business School application essays written by candidates who won admission, our previous guide in this series presented general principles for writing compelling long-form MBA essays. In this article, we present specific tips for writing short-answer essays constrained by tight word limits.The current trend in favor of the short-answer essay continues to gain momentum.For example, one possible option might involve a move to an internal consulting role working for a Mc Kinsey client in the same industry sector in which the applicant practiced.This is a difficult topic made even more challenging by the severe 250-word constraint.However, it’s not effective to talk about short-term objectives without at least briefly suggesting how they fit within a larger, long-term context.We agree with admission consultant and Harvard MBA Jon Frank of Admissionado that in the first sentence or two, candidates need to present a big-picture vision into which their short term objectives will fit.Indeed, this kind of trip seems even more essential for candidates applying to online MBA programs like [email protected], the narrative ideally needs to cite competitive advantages unique to UNC, and to emphasize that other business schools offer no viable substitutes that will benefit this particular applicant in comparable or better ways.


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