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This Online Trading project provides a clear objective insight into the phenomenon of online trading. Online trading networking or simply put ‘networking on the net’ is fast becoming the easiest, fastest, very focused and a most effective means of growing your chain of contract to help you climb the success ladder of investment faster than any other route can take you.

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The fashion retail brand has got its Global Head Quarters at Arteixo which is beside La Coruna the same is the head Quarters for fashion retail brand Home which are two brands out of eight Inditex brands.

Apart from these fashion retail brand has Head quarters based on states and countries.

In all these the linking of product design to store is the point to be noted.

The new product which is developed will be made available at high end and high revenue stores as sample sale and based on the product movement the bulk production will flow and the product will be made available across all stores.

The reason behind 1% failure rate compared to 10% failure rate of competitors at fashion retail brand is the trail basis production and sale.

The Data from Store Manger, the Data from soft ware etc will be thoroughly analyzed on repeated order patterns, stock dumping, fast moving and slow moving etc is helping fashion retail brand to focus and control the flow. The Quality of the product which is keeping fashion retail brand ahead from competitors and the key contributor in this is fabric. References This Online Trading MBA Finance project is about the latest trend in trading through online networking that is taking the business world by storm.The Main range of fashion retail brand are Men’s, Women’s and Kid’s fashions. Besides a minuscule number of statistics and research data which was found on research online, all the inferences and conclusions have been made on the basis of real time usage of networking websites by people through extensive surveys and research done for users of and This project has been a primary data based project right since it conception.The other major aspect of fashion retail brand in its product promotion is participation in fashion weeks and events conducted in Paris, Spain, New York, London and Milan.Apart from these TV Ads, Online Marketing, Digital Marketing, university campaigns etc are other promotional activities which are being done by fashion retail brand .Marketing plan to expand services in a private hospital and to be the provider of choice in the region.-Analytical Business report Format-5000 words excluding references. The Standard operating procedures, the product positioning, Innovation, Quality, pricing, the work scheduling, new trends, the people and the processes were analyzed to understand the success stories and challenges and the gaps.The assignment is to construct an initial marketing plan, in the capacity of a newly created role of a marketing manager in a private healthcare organisation. There were few gaps which were Identified and the recommendations were given in technical aspects analysis.The fashion retail brand has got Manufacturing setup here and half of their production is being done here.Apart from fashion retail brand has got own manufacturing in Portugal, Moracco and turkey.


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