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Gallant (1992) ​Characteristics of in-service urban music teachers and pre-service music teachers in Ohio and their attitudes toward teaching music in urban schools / by Stephen Wade Ausmann (1991). ​Selected aspects of curricular pacing in introductory nonmajor music classes / by Kim Franklin Shirey (1990). ​The effect of differential choral group instruction on children's vocal and rhythmic performance of taught and transfer patterns / by Amy D.

Councill (2004) ​An investigation of the foundational components and skills necessary for a successful first-year string class: a modified delphi technique study / by Erika A.

Schulte (2004) ​The application of different teaching strategies reflective of individual students' learning modalities in the university flute studio class / by Nicole L.

Ohio State University School of Music Cultural influence on the perception and cognition of musical pulse and meter / by Hsiang-Ning Kung (2017).

Leo (2016) Mortal sounds and sacred strains : Ann Radcliffe's incorporation of music in the Mysteries of Udolpho / by Olivia M.

New dissertations and theses are regularly added to the OSU Library Catalog which the select lists, updated less frequently, may not include. Blurred Lines: Musical Expertise in the History of American Copyright Litigation / by Katherine M.

Full text release has been delayed at the author's request until August 07, 2018.Bonse (2003) Writing modernist and avant-garde music in Mexico : performativity, transculturation, and identity after the revolution, 1920-1930 / by Alejandro L. Music in the Black and White communities in Petersburg, Virginia, 1865-1900 / by Ethel Maureen Norris (1994). Using hypermedia to enrich the learning experience of college students in a music appreciation course / Henry Edgar Duitman (1993). Reclaiming a music for England : nationalist concept and controversy in English musical thought and criticism, 1880-1920 / by William Scott Ball (1993) "De preceptis artis musicae" of Guilielmus Monachus : a new edition, translation, and commentary / by Eulmee Park (1993) The "si placet" voice : an historical and analytical study / by Stephen Daniel Self (1992). Tuning, temperament and pedagogy for the vihuela in Juan Bermudo's Declaracion de instrumentos musicales (1555) / by Maria Therese Annoni (1989). The Warsaw Autumn International Festival of Contemporary Music 1956-1961 : its goals, structures, programs, and people / by Cynthia E.Madrid-González (2003) Prokofiev's "Romeo and Juliet" : history of a compromise / by Deborah Annette Wilson (2003) Devotional music and healing in Badakhshan, Tajikistan : preventive and curative practices / by Benjamin David Koen (2003). An historical and musical study of Aaron Copland's first orchestral work : "Grohg, a ballet in one act" / by Roberta Lewise Lindsey (1996) The completed symphonic compositions of Alexander Zemlinsky / by Robert L. Bylander (1989) Music of the Shakers from Union Village, Ohio : a repertory study and tune index of the manuscripts originating in the 1840's / by Donald Edwin Christenson (1988). Holladay (1977) Theme and variation in twentieth-century organ literature: analyses of variations by Alain, Barber, Distler, Dupré, Duruflé, and Sowerby / by Larry Lynn Rhoades (1973) The music of Johannes Tinctoris (ca.Halbe (2004) The clarinet in early America, 1758-1820 / by Jane Elizabeth Ellsworth (2004) Prosody and rhythm in the post-Tridentine reform of plainchant / by Joshua Joel Veltman (2004) The musico-dramatic evolution of Rodgers and Hammerstein's "South Pacific" / by James A.Lovensheimer (2003) "Singing to another tune" : contrafacture and attribution in troubadour song / by Billee A.Collins (2007) ​The effects of specific transfer activities on fifth grade orchestra and band students' rhythmic performance / by Andrea Olijnek Scheuzger (2006) ​Relationships among folk song preferences of grade five students / by Ibrahim H. For the audio files associated with this dissertation, click here.​Keyboard improvisation characteristics of freshman and sophomore instrumental and vocal music majors / by Susan Lorrainne Chess (2005) ​Teaching improvisation to piano students of elementary to intermediate levels / by Yawen Eunice Chyu (2004) ​Student career perception : 6th-11th grade music students' assessment of self-efficacy, social perception, and potential enjoyment for music education and other possible careers / by Kimberly H.Payne (1990) ​An examination of the uses of music in selected licensed preschools in the state of Ohio / by Kimberly Moody Golden (1989). ​An investigation of the effects of a researcher-designed string music curriculum on the playing skills of mildly mentally handicapped middle school students grouped in homogeneous and heterogeneous classes / by Diana Jean Van Camp (1989). ​The acquisition of basic conducting skills by beginning conductors : a comparison of the effects of guided and unguided videotaped modeling / by David Alan Leppla (1989) ​The effects of task order and function pattern on learning harmonic dictation / by Barbara Ann Murphy (1989). ​The effect of speech rhythm, melody, and movement on song identification and performance of preschool children / by Deborah Dunne-Sousa (1988). ​Teaching piano skills to handicapped persons through use of systematic instruction : a proposal / by Elva Tice Michal (1987) ​Perceived music and music-teaching competencies of classroom teachers in the state of Ohio / by Jerry Lee Goodman (1985) ​The differential effects of modeling and discrimination training on selected music teaching skills, confidence level, and achievement among elementary education majors / by Sister Margaret Mary Kelly (1984) ​The development and evaluation of a test to assess selected characteristics of prospective music educators / by Christopher Philip Doane (1981) ​An investigation of music in the education of mentally and physically handicapped children in the United Kingdom, with particular reference to the course, "Music for Slow Learners," at Dartington College of Arts / by Joan Kimnach Lehr (1977) ​A study of the effectiveness of competition festivals in the music education process / by Charles Paul Temple (1973) ​A study of practices in student teaching in selected universities with recommendations for the improvement of the full-time student teaching program in music at the Ohio State University / by Stephen Milburn Clarke (1973). ​A survey of the opinions of administrators and music teachers in regard to large group music competition / by James Richard Hanshumaker (1956) ​The Function of expressive bodily movement in the teaching of instrumental music / by Marvin Willis Fogt (1952) When the leading tone doesn't lead: musical qualia in context / by Claire Arthur (2016) MCflow : a digital corpus of rap flow / by Nathaniel Condit-Schultz (2016) Examining contrasting expressive content within first and second musical themes / by Lindsay Alison Warrenburg (2016) Two studies on assessing emotional responses to music and mode : the effect of lowered pitch on sadness judgments, and the affective priming paradigm as an implicit measure / by Gary King-Yee Yim (2014) Animacy, anthropomimesis, and musical line / by George John (Yuri) Broze III (2013) Hmong music and language cognition : an interdisciplinary investigation / by Nicholas Frederick Poss (2012) Affective analysis of music using the progressive exposure method : the influence of bottom-up features on perceived musical affect / by Joshua David Albrecht (2012) An empirical investigation of a sarcastic tone of voice in instrumental music / by Joseph Stephen Plazak (2011) Fashionable innovation : Debussysme in early twentieth-century France / by Jane E.Harrison (2011) Selected topics in the perception and interpretation of musical tempo / by Randolph Burge Johnson (2010) A criterion-related validity test of selected indicators of musical sophistication using expert ratings / by Joy E.Abril (2003) Music and quality of life : the status of music in Ohio nursing homes / by Judith Waple Murphy (2003) Parent as home teacher of Suzuki cello, violin, and piano students : observation and analysis of Suzuki method practice sessions / by Alice Ann M. ​Referentialism and musical characteristics in children's keyboard improvisation / by Chao-hui Wang (2001). ​An investigation of the process by which elementary and junior high school teachers prepare students to choose a musical instrument / by Jonathan Gardner Bayley (2000) ​Marcel Tabuteau : pedagogical concepts and practices for teaching musical expressiveness : an oral history / by Melissa A.O' Neill, (2003) Violin performance training at collegiate schools of music and its relevance to the performing professions : a critique and recommendation / by David Roy Reimer, (2003) Group piano instruction for music majors in the United States : a study of instructor training, instructional practice, and values relating to functional keyboard skills / by Huei Li Chin (2002) ​Mentoring practices for music teachers in school districts of the northwest states / by Kristin M. Stevens (1999) Janice Harsanyi : profile of an artist/teacher / by Eric Hoy Tucker (1998) A comparison of self-efficacy and teaching effectiveness in preservice string teachers / by Gail L. Student attitude toward instrumental music education during the first year of instruction / by Mary Janet Brown (1996) A survey of Suzuki violin programs in community music schools in the United States / by Suzanne Leslie Blaker (1995) ​Opinions, attitudes, music skills, and acquired knowledge of older adults using an adapted version of a technology-assisted music education curriculum / by Kathryn Jo-Anne Keenan (1995) ​The piano teaching of Earl Wild : an introduction to his method and style / by Debora Arder (1995) ​A study of the aural-diagnostic and prescriptive skills of preservice and expert instrumental music teachers / by Paul Frederic Doerksen (1994). ​Establishing and utilizing criteria for selecting and composing appropriate choral literature for middle school mixed ensembles / by Lon S.


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