My Mother Essay For Class 4

5) She is one of the strongest pillars of my family.6) She works tirelessly from morning to night to fulfill our wishes.

You can mention these lines in your speeches and debates in the events organised in your school, especially on the eve of ‘Mother’s Day’.

It will also help you during paragraph recitation in classes.

A mother is the female parent of a child in a family.

She is the one who brings us in this world and nurture us with care and love.

3) I am blessed with a mother who takes full care of me from dawn to dusk.

4) She is the only one whom I can believe with my closed eyes also.Furthermore you can use these lines in different essays and paragraph writing competition on the occasion on ‘Mother’s Day’ which is celebrated on 12 of May.1) My Mother is my best friend with whom I share all my secrets and can talk freely on any matter.9) She is the one who faces all the problems bravely and does not let us to encounter those.10) She always wants to see me as successful and nobleman and guides me to be on righteous path.6) She sacrifices all her needs, wishes and desires in order to fulfil her child’s needs.7) Her love towards me as a child is always unconditional and she takes proper care of me always.So read through and enhance your writing: 1) Mother is a supreme and divine creation of god, who loves and cares her child in an unconditional manner.2) There is a saying “Behind a successful man, there is a hand of a woman”; the woman is none other than our mother.4) She is an important link of the family which connects all the family members together.5) She takes care of all the members of the family and she knows the needs and wants of every member very well.


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