Numbering S In A Thesis

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This heading page and its page number should appear in the Table of Contents. Insert the figure within the text, as close as possible after the first reference is made to it.

In the majority of cases, if it’s not a table, it is a figure.

A figure’s labels denote the type of figure and its number, and a figure’s caption is its title and description.

A figure’s label and caption should be placed outside its boundaries, commonly above a table and below an illustration.

If both a figure and its label and caption do not fit on one page, place only the label on the page with the figure, and place the label and caption on a separate page that precedes the figure (called a legend page).

The document’s title does not count as a heading level. A numbered, counted page should be inserted in front of your document’s appendix/appendices. Figures may be located in one of two places in your document.

The word APPENDIX (or APPENDICES) should be centered about 1/3 down this page. You must choose one system, and use it consistently throughout your work.

Chapter 5: Conclusions and Suggestions for Further Research (or Analysis and Synthesis; or Conclusions and Recommendations).

This chapter synthesizes and discusses the results in light of the study’s research questions, literature review, and conceptual framework.

In many ways, it provides validation for the researcher’s entrance into the ranks of the body of scholars in the field. Your document begins with its title repeated and centered on page one.

The left margin must be at least 1.5 inches (recommend 1.7). Titles longer than one line should be single-spaced. Use regular, 12-point size for text and Times New Roman throughout the document. All headings, regardless of level, must be the same font size. No orphan lines may appear at the top or bottom of a page.


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