Of Mice And Men Character Essay George

‘Carlson stepped back to let Slim precede him’ is also a key sentence about Slim’s jurisdiction over the others.

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Steinbeck portrays him as having natural authority and prestige.

Steinbeck shows Slim as a very respected character in the novel, ‘all talk stopped when he spoke’ the other characters are so keen to listen to whatever Slim might say that they simply stop so they can hear because he is the most important ranch worker.

Prince is a particularly interesting word choice because it shows that Slim is seen as, on par with Curley and the boss authority wise.

But Slim has the power because he has been given while they have given it to themselves.

The way Steinbeck represents Slim does shows him as never being domineering. It invited confidence without demanding it’ as he is not insisting upon confidence it suggests that Steinbeck is insinuating that Slim respects other people’s privacy and other people just as they respect him.

This contrasts him fiercely with the other figures of authority in the book because he has not asked for it, he does not wear ‘high heeled boots’ he works but works so well and is so kind that the characters naturally respect him.

In some ways being called Prince is more flattering than king would be because King are seen with disfavour if they make bad choices and they are the ones who are blamed if something goes wrong.

They can also be manipulative and dictators, where as Princes are not seen in the same light.

This is particularly relevant in the context because if someone disobeyed the Boss of the ranch then they would be ‘canned’ or fired.

It is ironic that the narrator, who is all seeing, describes Slim like this because it is a God like figure itself and is then showing Slim as one.


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