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...these insights and excitement for the subject while deepening conceptual understandings. My dad is a lawyer, and has taught me the value of strong argumentation skills.

I am preparing applications to dual-degree graduate programs in city planning and law.

I consider "co-learning" to be the most appropriate educational...

I believe that good writing skills are the foundation for success in any discipline.

My teaching style could best be described as one where... When tutoring, it is my goal to help my clients develop the abilities they need to succeed in writing and literature courses.

I think academic success depends not only on practice, but, most importantly, on finding...

..this is a good thing and how they can be any student at the University and students in any discipline can come for tutoring.For example, I might first see a freshman requesting assistance on a short essay for a History course, and my next client might be a graduate student working on a thesis in Philosophy or Economics.I try my best to establish that we are a team, working together to get the right answers and to learn the material.I try to stay away from rigid hierarchy as much as possible, while still...In addition to effective writing, I believe that developing individualized study skills, learning how to manage time and material, and maintaining an organized system of study... I enjoy political science, essay writing and public speaking the most.While working on my doctorate I taught students on the college level, and my philosophy for working with those students informs the way I tutor.In college I took several writing-intensive classes in my.....about a year, and then went back to FIU, where I am currently preparing in order to apply for a Ph D program in Social Psychology.I can tutor several subjects in the areas of writing, reading, and mathematics, up to early college-level.I can also help with preparation for standardized tests, such as SAT and GRE, which I particularly enjoy.


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