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Contrary to that, the Hindus believed in many gods and goddesses and there was not concept of prophet hood at all.

So, it was very difficult to live both the nations and followers of two different religions under one democratic rule and the creation of Pakistan became inevitable, Secondly, in the united India, Muslims were in minority whereas Hindus were in majority.

It meant, if the Muslims got freedom from the British rule, it would not be called a true freedom.

It would mean only the change of the masters as Hindus replaced the British.

Finally they reached the meeting place on a high fell. They sat down on the ground and some of them started eating while others were moving about. The sun had disappeared behind the moon and only a hollow sun was seen until the sun completely blotted out. Soon, however, the eclipse was over and the sun repapered again filling the world with life and cooler. ‘Take the Plunge’ is a beautiful essay written by a world famous authoress, Gloria Emerson.. But she wanted to do something extraordinary in her life. It was the beautiful and bright morning of August 9, 1945, when the writer departed for his medical college. At 11 Am, a B-29 bomber plane passed overhead and dropped the atom bombs. So those were gathered in a huge pile and were burnt to ashes.

They looked like statue standing prominent at the ridge of the world. Gradually the sun started rising and threw its golden grays on the ground. There was then extreme chill and darkness everywhere. This observation gave the people a feeling that all the colours and beauty of the earth is owing to the sun. In ‘Whistling of Birds’, he expresses his natural feelings as well as his fascination for nature. She was fascinated and she wanted to remain in the air for a long time. At last she decided to jump through a plane with the help of a parachute. But he came to know that his tram car had derailed, so he decided to go back to his hostel. The air flashed a brilliant yellow and there was a huge blast of wind. In no time, the sky turned black and black rain started to fall. The essay, “Nagasaki August 9, 195”, gives a graphic description of the horrible disaster which was caused by the atomic blast. Falcon while their third companion Major Alfred Warden circled overhead in the spaceship, Endeavour.First of all he told that in the united India, there lived two nations who were the followers of two different religions.The Muslims believed in the ones of God and His last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).She was the daughter of a prominent Victorian critic, Sir Leslie Stephen. But she was getting nearer and nearer to her destination. It is proved that women are equal to men in all respects. No doubt that during all her venture, she could not focus on her feelings but over all she enjoyed it.This essay, The Eclipse reveals her vivid observation and artistic description of details. Emerson was the least suitable person for a parachute jumping. The essay , “ Nagasaki August 9, 195” , gives a graphic description of the horrible disaster which was caused by the atomic blast.Liaquat Ali Khan delivered a very successful speech over there.He very successfully pleaded the case of Pakistan just like a successful lawyer.It also projects the excitement of the people of England who were very eager to see the solar eclipse. But all of a sudden, her parachute opened with a jerk. The author was a student of medicine at the Nagasaki University of Medicine.It was a night in the month of June, when large number of people was travelling to the North. First she heard the loud noise of the plane and the fast moving w gusts of wind. He was one of the survivors of the atomic explosion.Hindus believed in the cast-system whereas the Muslim believed in the equality of all human beings.Hindus thought it a sin to talk to a person of low caste.


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