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Acid Free: CT, SHINE, ODEON, and SAVOY are acid-free papers.

Acid free denotes paper with p H in the neutral range of 6.5 – 7.

For any type of paper (whether specialty, coated, or uncoated), a fold parallel to the grain direction will always be better than one against the grain direction.

Likewise, for binding, the binding edge should always be parallel to the sheet’s grain direction.

Proceedings book will be distributed to the congress participants at the congress registration desk.

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The proceedings book will be submitted to be indexed in the Scopus, and Google Scholar for possible Indexing.

As is customary, Reich Paper stock charts list all sheet sizes with the grain direction last.

So, a 25 x 38 measurement indicates that the sheet is grain long, while a 35 x 23 dimension indicates grain short.

(Please note that there are additional basis weight standards for other categories of paper, but this comparison is limited to those weights that apply to Reich Paper products.) Bond, text, and cover basis weights each use a different sheet size as the standard measurement.

A paper’s basis weight equals the actual weight of one ream (500 sheets) of the standard size for that type of paper.


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