Persuasive Essay On Immigration

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The governments are only acting more strictly through immigration laws which mean that often those who are in the country illegally are treated more harshly than they deserve, and they need our help; illegal immigrants are vulnerable at the mercy of their employers in terms of salary and benefits.

As more people are being unauthorized from immigrating through the country, it would only encourage the illegal immigrant population to grow.

As more workers are continuing to get displaced, it shows more immigrants are coming towards in America.

Afterwards, some of those jobless people end up working illegally due to joblessness.

Is it really a great idea to continue ban every illegal immigrants in America?

Persuasive Essay On Immigration

How would you feel like, being a kid back then when you’re sent inside a plane middle of nowhere, and arrive at a whole new place you barely know?

The employers are held responsible by the government to pay the minimum wage to the citizens of the country, but when the opportunity appears to lower it when they employ illegal immigrants; they take it as a way of reducing their operation cost and maximizing their profits as well.

Additionally, illegal immigrants also tend to commit other crimes as they are not aware of the other prevailing laws of the country which they seek residence.

So far, a maximum of 30 million illegal immigrants are being banned from living in the U. Immigrants typically want to have jobs like everybody else in the world regularly, which therefore they choose to immigrate to have a better social life.

For instance, in countries anywhere in Africa, despite the low immigration process, many families are suffering due to the lack of water, large poverty, and any other situations.


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