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Even though many students consider procrastination the simple act of delaying their assignments, recent research, particularly on learning disabilities, shows that procrastination is related to lower levels of self-regulated learning and associated with higher levels of anxiety, stress, and illness; therefore, colleges around the U. [tags: Procrastination, Time management, Anxiety] - Negative effects of procrastination in college students Procrastinating is the act of intentionally postponing or delaying an assignment, task, or activity to do start/ complete it at a later time or not at all (Merriam Webster).For example Chelsea had an eight page essay due by the end of the week, yet during the week Chelsea purposely pushed back doing the essay by doing numerous of small useless tasks such as; checking social media, going out with her friends, spending hours talking on the phone, painting her apartment, and constantly putting off doing the essay....

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It can be a daily struggle for some people who really just want to have fun and hang out with their friends rather than do their homework.

It all depends on what they think is more important when they take the time and think about their decisions....

According to Joseph Ferrari, a Professor of psychology at De Paul University, states that twenty percent of people realize they are chronic procrastinators which is a lifestyle to them....

[tags: Procrastination] - According to the text, procrastination is avoiding the less important things in one’s field of study or interest and paying attention to the more important things pertaining to one’s field of study.

[tags: Procrastination, Anxiety, University, Emotion] - Final exams are due tomorrow and you better get studying.

You open your book and notes only to realize it might take all night to review those 13 chapters. you did on Wednesday, but instead watched funny cat videos on You Tube.[tags: Procrastination Essays] - In college, just about all students procrastinate in some type of way.They do not realize that they need to stay ahead of their work and stay caught up.- Procrastination is the act of putting off doing things at a later time or date for no particular reason.For the person experiencing procrastination it can be either functional or dysfunctional according to the degree of the behavior (qtd. A person that procrastinates must realize they have a problem and find effective ways to overcome procrastination because they are putting their health, family and job at risk.Knowing the due date was near; I jumped up on my table and started to write.Unfortunately, I couldn’t believe that choosing a tiny topic for my paper was a challenging task for me. Only 2 days were left for the deadline, it was Sunday, so I had to go to work and came home late at night, too tired to use my brain for anything....[tags: Procrastination] - I had a month to submit my research paper, so I didn’t have to start doing it right away.Surprisingly, I put it off for 27 days and now I only had 3 days to finish it.Neither are due tomorrow, or even this week actually, so you decide to put it off until later.With the ten hours of the day remaining, you decide to take a nap, wake up to eat, then endlessly scroll down Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other sorts of social media until it’s time for bed.


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