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Along with an introductory paragraph providing background information on a topic you are examining, you will write a thesis statement that includes your own personal stance on the topic.For instance, you could tackle an issue like gun control or legalizing marijuana and logically present evidence to support your opinion.Finally, compare the number of references: a typical journal paper could have 30, while a Ph D theses can easily have 300.

It's an opportunity to provide an alternate description than already exists in preprints or published papers that can be useful to another audience.

It's also a place where you can make deposit certain results, derivations, proofs or procedures that don't fit elsewhere in explicit form for later use by Number of pages, as well as the number of outputs, is an very poor metric of research effort and performance.

I just don't understand why the overall findings & implications of a Ph D cannot be communicated in the style of a research paper?

Succinctness is a virtue in a field characterised by time pressure.

I don't know where your 150 page idea comes from since I have never heard this as a guideline.

However, in my field, "staple theses" are common, composed of roughly 3 papers stapled together (either already published or publishable drafts), with an added introduction and conclusion that tie the works together and may get a bit deeper into background than is acceptable in a published manuscript.

The main difference in presentation, however, isn't the length or layout - it's that I attempted to make the description more self-contained.

A new graduate student may actually get a reasonable idea of the background and calculations from reading this chapter and the introduction.

Instructors want more from students than regurgitation of other writers’ work.

Writing is about finding your own voice and expressing original ideas supported by credible facts and verifiable data.


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