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Exposure theraphy means repeated exposure to your phobia or the frightening object. A phobia is essentially a human being's irrational fear of something.~ Specific phobias: These are related to a specific object, animal or insect, people, environment or situation.

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Phobias can be diveded into three main types, these are social phobias, panic disorder and specific phobias. Describing phobias with their causes and treatments and also describing one of the most common phobias with ýts causes and treatments are really necessary to show how they are unreal things. It is possible to have a phobia of anything at all. For instance, they are caused by a frighening event.

' The memory is locked in and held with the frightening feelings so that when a similar event is experienced, the fear is brought out automatically ( or they may not be direct or single reasons.

They can be related to unconscious anxiety or unusual changes.

is apparent that they catch us in our childhood, because of lack of consciousness.

Specific phobias may develop from past experiences, especially in childhood.

A bad experience with an object or situation is recorded in the brain by a substance called amygdale.

Also, when parents are overcautious and exaggerate danger, children tend to become phobic.

Phobias are a little more prevalent in women and very subjective.

There are some ways of treatment to get rid of them.

These are behavioral theraphy, exposure theraphy and drugs. ' Behavioral theraphies are a proven effective approach to treating phobias (


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