Points To Cover On A Thesis Project

Points To Cover On A Thesis Project-25
Final exams are generally held twice per year, at the end of each semester (late January/early February and June).Students are examined individually by a committee of three or more examiners. The Examination Committee is made up of a minimum of three academics, and the composition is as follows: In addition, an exam administrator will be present, generally the programme assistant.His/her role is simply to ensure that administrative procedures run smoothly.

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The administrator is not part of the Examination Committee.

S/he does not ask any questions and does not award any grades.

Preparing and submitting your thesis is a two-stage process: The exact deadlines for submitting your thesis project and your final thesis will vary slightly from year to year, but you will always find them in the current Academic Calendar of the university.

Generally, we will also send an announcement to your mailing list.

For the two additional questions, early in the last semester, you will be issued with a list of about 35 broad thematic topics from the programme, on which the final exam will be based.

These are the topics you should revise when you prepare for the exam.

Further information about the formal requirements for the Master's thesis is also included in the Rules for the Organisation of Studies of the university, and in Dean's Provision No.

If you're researching a master's degree, you'll likely come across the phrase "thesis defense" among the list of requirements for earning an advanced degree.

Prior to that, it will be independently assessed by an academic other than your thesis supervisor, who will submit a written report on the quality of the thesis.

This academic is the so-called Thesis Opponent, who will also generally be present at the oral defence, and his/her report will be available in advance of the final exam.


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