Primary Resources Homework

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 Some of the home learning challenges will be English based, some Maths based and some will be more creative.

 All the challenges are linked to the Kent objective frameworks for your child’s year group to ensure that they are completing age appropriate learning at home.

Parents and carers have an important part to play in ensuring that homework supports their child's learning and development.

By supporting their child with homework parents can have a significant impact on progress.

Try a Short Division homework Individual pupils can see the homework tasks they have been set and when they are due, rate their understanding of homework resources and see feedback from their teacher in the Pupil Portal.

Parents can also follow their child’s progress, check their homework requirements, and try the lesson content if they want to refresh their own maths skills.Booster packs provide extra practice for specific areas for improvement, target key areas of the curriculum in preparation for national tests, and are ideal to use for summative assessments.Pupils can work through these independently or teachers can assign them through the Assessment manager.Interactive lessons provide step-by-step examples to break down learning into manageable chunks.Lessons cover Years 1 (P1) to 6 (P7) and can be used by children of all abilities.At the start of each term teachers will publish a list of 10 home learning challenges (stuck in the front of their homework book and published on the school website). These home learning challenges will be linked to the current topic being studied in class - for example this term Year 5 and 6 are looking at the Victorians so their home learning challenges will be Victorian themed.Your child's class teacher may set a variety of other activities for homework that link with their topic work.Please read the half termly curriculum letter which informs parents when the homework is due back.Each report typically includes a regional overview, national anthem audio file, maps, statistics, photographs, biographies of well-known people, and a recipe collection.World Edition articles are aimed at high school users.


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