Problem Solving Examples In The Workplace

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Committees are effective for problem-solving, particularly when there is a specific, ongoing issue to be addressed.For example, a “green committee” might initially form to develop a company-wide recycling program, addressing the initial problem of reducing waste in the workplace.If you can effectively solve problems at work, managers and colleagues will see you as a great resource.

Work together with others to come up with possible solutions.

Consider every aspect of the problem, and write down all of your ideas. For example, if part of the problem is delivering products on time, look at the delivery route for possible solutions.

The survey might ask about price points, customer service, ease of access and products. For example, if morale is low and turnover is high, an internal survey can help a manager identify potential issues that negatively affect staffers.

Once the information is in hand, solutions can be devised.

Solutions can come from anyone, no matter their job title. At the same time, don’t choose a solution just to make someone feel good.

Focus on solving the problem so it doesn’t happen again. From the time Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden, they had to work hard—and work together—to solve problems.

The committee may go on to evaluate other environmentally-related issues in the workplace, like the introduction of green cleaning supplies, replacing old equipment with energy-efficient models and other related tasks.

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For example, perhaps a customer is unhappy with a product.

It’s your job to find out what the customer’s expectations were, how the product was delivered, what promises the salesperson made, and how the product was manufactured.


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