Protein Glycogen Resynthesis

In conclusion, carbs may reduce protein breakdown a little when all you consume is those carbs, but if you already consume protein, carbs have little or no additive effect. It is beyond me why this stupid design was replicated several times, but I’ll entertain it here.

These studies used the same experimental design as Rasmussen et al. According to the latter study, “muscle protein breakdown did not change”.

The greater the depletion, the more glycogen the body stores for next time.

Even in endurance athletes glycogen resynthesis is often complete within 24h.

You’d have to train a muscle twice daily with a volume you could not possibly recover from in order to require carbs to replenish your glycogen in time for the next training session.

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Should you ever fully deplete your glycogen stores, you’ll know it, because endurance athletes say it feels like being unable to move. So how come the myth you need carbs in your shakes is so prevalent? You do not need to consume any carbohydrates after your training sessions.

After a weight training session, they gave their subjects either 25g of whey or both 25g of whey in combination with 50g of maltodextrin.

They found that consuming 50g of maltodextrin along with 25g of whey does not stimulate muscle protein synthesis or inhibit protein breakdown more than 25g of whey alone.

First of all, you have to perform an absurd amount of volume to really deplete glycogen stores with weight training. The more you deplete glycogen, the faster the glycogen resynthesis.

A full-body workout consisting of 9 exercises for 3 sets each at 80% 1RM (something only a beginner can do) only depletes about a third of the body’s glycogen and 9 sets for a specific muscle result in 36% depletion in that muscle (Roy et al. After performing sets of 6 leg extensions at 70% 1RM until absolute failure occurred (weird protocol I know) and not consuming anything afterwards, 75% of glycogen was restored after 6h (Pascoe et al. The higher the intensity, the faster the resynthesis.


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