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Once, while checking into a hostel in southern Chile, we overheard some Aussies talking with Brits about who they’ve met on the road. (And we’re real sorry about that.) Both Pete and I wear a Canadian flag on our backpacks, proudly.Some people do it in order to be automatically distinguished from our southern neighbours, but we do it for the instant rock-star status it brings.She sat shyly hunched on the bench, folding her shoulders inward and making her diminutive frame appear even smaller. My Aunt, sitting beside me, didn’t fare any better.

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It can be like flashing a gold card at an expensive night club, sometimes you just get treated better for it.

Like C, some people don’t know a lot about us aside from a few popular celebrities.

Multiculturalism is defines as “the policy of maintaining a diversity of ethnic cultures within a community” ().

Canada does accept people from virtually every culture, but requires that cultural An internment camp is a “large detention center created for political opponents, enemy aliens, people with mental illness, members of specific ethnic or religious groups, civilian inhabitants of a critical war-zone, or other groups of people, usually during a war” (wiki).

Multiculturalism has been adopted and is at the forefront of Canadian identity.

Following the Second World War, Canada’s multiculturalism policies became more acceptable and even successful in, not only accepting, but inviting multiple ethnic cultures in.

In contrast to other countries, multiculturalism adaptation works for the Canadian culture.

Canadian policies on multiculturalism have shifted over the past few decades; policies are now implemented for integration, not discrimination.

It was not uncommon for us, while living in this small remote Turkish town, to be questioned regarding their only exposure to our home country: a quirky Canadian character named Robin from the popular CBS sitcom, Robin is teased and tormented by her American friends for several stereotypes: her love of hockey and her obsessive use of the word “eh” when drinking, as well as the unsubstantiated notion that all Canadians fear the dark.

Chair throwing aside, Robin typically takes it all in stride and represents us fairly well.


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